“I love all textiles, colours, textures, tweeds and the colours of land and sky.  I want to make you something so beautiful that you will say “Wow” and treasure it for years.”

Barbara Keen

Barbara Keen has been sewing since she was knee high to a grasshopper! She remembers learning to sew at her Mothers knee and still uses her 90 year old Singer sewing machine and dressmaking scissors.

Barbara’s many years of experience and love for dressmaking gave her the idea to start All Day Bags when the plastic bag charge was introduced.  She makes her beautiful bags with locally produced, good quality fabrics, creating bags that will last for years.

Barbara also loves spending time in her garden, inspiring her to share blogs about it and write about using home grown fruits and veg in the kitchen.

All Day Bags

Based in Cumbria, All Day Bags was started by Barbara Keen who saw the need to create beautiful and long lasting alternatives to the plastic carrier bag.

Her unique, handmade bags are inspired by the rugged landscape of the Lake District and rolling hills of the Scottish Borders.  Using good quality, locally produced fabrics, Barbara makes long lasting, beautiful and unique bags that can be used for shopping, laptop bags or handbags.  They make great gifts too!