Strawberry Jam Recipe

I have found the best recipe for strawberry jam is by Delia Smith.

Delia suggests to put the sugar and the fruit together overnight, mix before you go to bed, and next morning there will be lots of juice and most of the sugar will have dissolved. Heat gently to dissolve the sugar, add the juice of 2 lemons and bring to a full rolling boil for 8 minutes, add another 3 if needed. Test for setting before putting in warm dry jars.

A full rolling boil needs a jam pan as the sugar and fruit rise up a lot – more than double. Have the heat up high, don’t walk away it may boil over. What a mess that makes.

This jam does not set solid it is more of a conserve however it is the best flavour.

To test if jam is ready put a small amount on a plate to cool, then push with your finger- it should wrinkle.

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