Garden Spring 2018

I am not a great gardener. I want to sit in it not work in it. So I suppose I designed my outdoor space to work for me in a fashion that does not take up a lot of time. Once I have sprayed my fruit trees and fruit bushes with the winter wash -less than an hour a year – and pruned them – a similar time. They just need some Sulphate of Ammonia sprinkled round as a feed-10mins.  Job done for the spring.

I do enjoy pruning as it all looks tidy when it’s done and the pear tree and the apple tree sit better against the walls.

The damson tree had a very strange appearance last year. Part of the tree developed a banana shaped fruit. I was really worried as I love my damsons and did not know if the tree would have to be cut down. I cut the branches back on one side and the tree looks lop sided. However the lady at the Westmorland Damson Society said not to bother about it as the good damsons will grow alongside the strange ones and there is no health hazard, which is what I was worried about.

Right now the blossom is lovely.

Damson  blossom April 2018
Damson Blossom

Let’s see what happens this summer and if the dreaded bananas curtail the damson crop. I need the damsons for jam and bottled fruit for the winter. The Lyth Valley damson blossom is late this year due to the cold wet winter. There are some wonderful walks there to see the blossom.

I planted the blackcurrants too close to the apple tree, so the bits I cut off the blackcurrants last year I stuck in a bucket of water, and they grew roots. This year the rooted bits have gone next to the gooseberries in the back garden.

I am going to have more black currant bushes than I have space for. These are sprouting but not rooting so I will just leave them where they are.

They have been planted with the new gooseberry bushes.  I need gooseberries for the gooseberry chutney as the source I have had is likely not to be there in the future. I was passing a house recently that the sign at the end of the lane said ‘horse manure, free, please take it.’ So came home with several bags in my car. No it wasn’t smelly, but it was a good job I had the tarp in the base of the boot and it had to be washed when I got home. There is now masses of manure on my fruit trees and new roses. I have to wait for the daffs to die down to get some more on the apples , pears, blackcurrants , brambles, and plums, red currants and black currants.

The quality of the fruit on my trees matters as I make jam and bottle fruit or for the USA folks, canning, for the winter. But I don’t want to spend a lot of time at producing it.

Here is the sun-time to go and sit in it with some tea.

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