Cutting the Grass

I really dislike cutting grass. How do you feel about it? You know when the grass really has got too long that if you don’t do it, it will only get worse. It’s that feeling of dread in your stomach knowing you have to tackle it. Knowing how hard it was last year and what a pain the lawn mower was, that the grass and therefore the garden always looked scruffy.

I think gardens are meant to be sat in and enjoyed not worked in. That bit of English sunshine that does not come out much has to be sat in, so the rays touch away the winter white. That book that is waiting to be read and lunch enjoyed. I don’t want to be weeding or cutting grass.

The thing about the grass is it’s not just grass is it? It’s about the lawn mower. Yeh that thing that has to be pushed around. If I had known that the contents of the box I brought home last year had to be asessembled I would have gone somewhere it came ready to use. Well you see even when you get it out of the box no one tells you that you have to learn about how much oil and what sort to put in it. The handle has to be assembled and the screws and bolts put in the right places and screwed up. If you do it wrong it has to be unscrewed in re done. Well it’s a petrol driven one so you have to buy and store fresh petrol for it as well. And there’s a thing, where do store the lawn mower? The hall way is not a good place because the bike is under the stairs. It takes up more room than you think, especially if you have not folded the handle in. Don’t unscrew the handle too far if you are going to do that otherwise the screws will fall out and you won’t be able to find them in the grass.

So you have to buy a shed to put it in and where do you put that? Or find room in the one that is stuffed full.

So it’s not about cutting grass it’s about maintaining a lawn mower, push the squidgy button and pull or jerk several times, heart sinks when it doesn’t start, several more jerks which hurt your arm and it may start, and who wants to spend their time doing that?

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