Makeover Bed

There will be new spring bulbs-next year.

I have been making over the front lawn to make the whole thing easier to look after. There was a flower bed in there and I never knew what to do with it. Should I have neat edges round it that required the grass edged with edging shears? I do have some but did I want to use them to create more work.

There are Spring bulbs in there that do create some lovely colour and a gooseberry bush. Obviously the gooseberry bush put in the wrong place but where could I put it when I bought it, I was running out of room.

If I wanted to show off my garden I would show you this photo, complete with dying daffodil.

In reality it looks like this, Gooseberry bush removed.

The photographer always has to find the best angle to make something look the best.

Flower Bed

The right hand side is where the gooseberry bush came out and all the weeds and there always was a bald patch in the middle and some dandelions. You can see the outline of the original bed. I shall mark with a couple of sticks where the flowers end , then I can plant more of the spring bulbs for next year on the right hand side. When all the bulbs die down in a couple of months I can run the lawn mower over the top. That makes that easier than clipping edges with an edging tool.

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