Waste Digester

I have a big thing about waste and how we deal with it. Plastic is part of it.

I have done lots of jobs in my life but the one that brought waste to my attention was a survey for how much paper was generated by a particular organisation some years ago. As part of looking at the survey I went out with the waste collection crews in orange overalls and steel capped boots looking at the waste disposal sites. We did school group tours as it fitted into the curriculum. One small child said ‘it’s like a giant wormery.’

When my local council decided that my green bin was not to have fruit and vegetable peelings in it I looked at having a compost heap. To get the best out of a compost bin you really need three. You have to layer it, stir it, cover it up. Being my usual self that was far too complicated and time consuming for me so I bought a digester.

You will see that it is about 4 foot tall. What was not clear before I bought it was that there had to be a hole dug for the basket base underneath the green cone top. There was far too much stone in my back garden to dig a hole so we came up with this idea to stand it in. It has to be filled with soil up to the lip below the wooden surround. There is a small caddy that on a daily basis you fill with your fruit and vege peelings which you sprinkle with a small amount of powder and then put in through the top lid. As the contents break down into liquid it soaks into the ground. It also takes cooked and raw meat and even bones. I will let you know how it gets on. So far it is not smelly.

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